Our Services

  • Community Based Assessments / Supplemental Evaluations - Persons receiving this service will be assessed in a variety of settings by a Vocational Coach to determine strengths, weaknesses, and barriers or obstacles to employment

  • Job Development - Search and location of potential employment sites based on each individual’s interests and needs.  This process also includes resume development, submission of applications, interviewing, and pre-hire process. 

  • Job Training - Once an individual is hired, Access will provide direct training through a Vocational Coach until the employee is comfortable and knowledgeable of all job duties/ expectations.   


Access Vocational Services ("Access") was formed with the primary goal of assisting persons with an array of abilities in locating, maintaining, and sustaining meaningful employment.

Working in conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (NCDVRS), Access matches each individual that chooses our company to receive services with a Vocational Coach(es) that will assist with their progression through all steps in order to maintain competitive employment.