Sherry J. Lusk joined Access Vocational Services (“Access”) in August of 2011 and officially starting providing services in Charlotte on October 5th, 2011. Sherry has spent the past 31 years in business providing a variety of services to persons in the field of intellectual disabilities and mental illness, as well businesses outside the scope of Human Services.  

This array of experience makes Access Vocational Services not only versatile by utilizing today’s latest trends; flexible by using a multi-disciplinary innovative approach to all aspects of the company, integrating the newest technology and advancements while maintaining clinically sound effective practices.  

Company background

Sherry J. Lusk is a graduate of West Virginia University  She put herself through school while working as Direct Support Staff then Home Manager at an ICF/MR Group home, becoming a QMRP after graduation. Sherry moved to North Carolina in 1991 and has held numerous positions in the human services field, among them being: Habilitation Director (Administrator) VOCA Corporation; Director of Operations (Access, Inc.) Co-owner and Vice- President of Operations (Access, Inc.).  Sold to ResCare, became Executive Director of Access for ResCare. Ms. Lusk also served as an Administrator in the Charlotte, NC area for RHA Howell.

Sherry has spoken about vocational endeavors and the move for self-employment around the state of North Carolina and at various National symposia and conferences.